How to Conduct a Successful Closet Inventory

Sol Reflection

One of my favorite ways to work with clients is through a “Closet Transformation” where I take their closet from a place of lost items, favorite pieces that go unworn and one-too-many black shirts, to a useful, organized closet full of fun, innovative outfits, without having to spend a dime. But until you’re ready to … Read More

The 80/20 Rule

Sol Reflection, Style

Happy Thanksgiving ALL! Want to know what a turkey & your personal style have in common?! They’re both classic! I have a serious opinion that a good personal style contains a certain percentage of classic pieces. 80% to be exact. I call it the 80/20 rule. 80% classic.* 20% fun, trendy, fluff.** The 80/20 rule … Read More