Men’s Style and Why it Matters

Sol Reflection

Men, y’all have personal style too. So then why’s it so hard to find something that makes you feel both confident and stylish? Men tell me finding their personal style often looks like choosing between a button down and well…a button down.  As a man you want to impress a love interest, a group of … Read More

You’re So Vain

Sol Reflection

Last week, I had a conversation with girlfriends about whether or not we’d ever get cosmetic surgery. It was incredible because we got to talk openly about our fantasies related to things we would change or augment about our physical appearance. It was a FREEING, to say the least. No shame. No judgement (of self or others). … Read More

When Are You “Too Old” to Wear That?

Sol Reflection

I’m going to be honest with you about this, but before I am, repeat after me: I make the rules. Say it again for the people in the back. IIIIIIIIII MAKE THE RULES.  It’s true. When it comes to our own personal style, we each get to make our own, unique, personal rules. Yet I’m … Read More


Sol Reflection

These are my very favorite denim shorts, converted from Lucky Brand jeans after years of wear. They have ZERO STRETCH and that’s how I like my cut-offs (stretchy shorts stick to your thighs and my gams need room to move!). Some years they’d fit just right and some years they hung off my hips. But … Read More

I Had a Touch of Cancer

Sol Reflection

I did. I had a little touch of cancer. And I say “a little touch,” because I know how cancer goes for some people and it didn’t go that way for me. Of course it was awful in many ways. I received the diagnosis 2 weeks after quitting a cushy federal government job with great … Read More

How to Conduct a Successful Closet Inventory

Sol Reflection

One of my favorite ways to work with clients is through a “Closet Transformation” where I take their closet from a place of lost items, favorite pieces that go unworn and one-too-many black shirts, to a useful, organized closet full of fun, innovative outfits, without having to spend a dime. But until you’re ready to … Read More

The 80/20 Rule

Sol Reflection, Style

Happy Thanksgiving ALL! Want to know what a turkey & your personal style have in common?! They’re both classic! I have a serious opinion that a good personal style contains a certain percentage of classic pieces. 80% to be exact. I call it the 80/20 rule. 80% classic.* 20% fun, trendy, fluff.** The 80/20 rule … Read More