Allrecipes | April 2024

Marisol Colette styles brunch expert, Ashley Berger

How to Throw Your Best Brunch Ever, According to an Allrecipes Allstar. Brunch expert Ashley Berger reveals her favorite recipes, prep tricks, and how to make her guests feel more at home.

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WUNC 91.5 | January 2024

Asheville’s Fashion Therapist on the emotional task of cleaning out your closet

Social worker turned fashion therapist Marisol Collete has tips, and a worksheet, for making your wardrobe fit the real you.

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Fox Carolina | September 2023

Using fashion to build confidence and reflect who you are

Fashion Therapist Marisol Colette discusses how style is a reflection of your true self, and can be used to reflect your mission, values and vision.

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Determined AF with Jamie Milam | December 2022

How to Let Your Soul Shine Through Your Fashion Style With Marisol Colette

During the episode, Marisol shares her tips on how to tune into your authentic self-expression to deepen your personal style and why it’s so important!

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Take Notes with Jen Rafferty | December 2022

Can Personal Style Help Combat Teacher Burnout?

The surprising healing power of the teacher wardrobe with fashion therapist Marisol Colette.

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Adoratherapy | July 2022

People We Adore: Introducing Marisol Colette

Marisol brings to the fashion conversation depth, emotions and awareness. After being in the fashion industry for most of my career, this thoughtfulness was so inspiring, after all fashion is about moods too, and there is so much to uncover when we understand what we are covering up!

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Carolina Spark | July 2022

“The Fashion Therapist” Marisol Colette: Aligning Your Style With Your Soul

What we wear is often a reflection of who we are, how we are feeling, and what we want to achieve in life. Clothing is one of the most powerful expressions of individuality, so it is no surprise that what we wear would have an impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

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All Things Private Practice Podcast | March 2022

Courage and Belief – Trusting it Will All Work Out

Marisol’s journey is one of courage, strength, resilience, and resolve.

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Voices of Impact with Erica Castner | October 2021

Elevating Your Personal Style

Marisol has been a therapist for over ten years, helping people deal with trauma. Through her studies, she began connecting the dots between the way we “show up” on the outside is connected to how we feel on the inside. Now, she helps women feel more confident in all aspects of their life by helping them find their authentic sense of style.

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The Genetic Genius | December 2020

Creating a New Transformation Through Style and What You Wear

Marisol discusses the intersection between style and healing at a cellular level with Dr Lulu and how to set intentions for 2021 through what we wear.

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