Too many people fear their bodies. 

The word “FEAR” can be an acronym for either:


Face. Everything. And. Recover or F*&%. Everything. And. Run

Your responses to why people unsubscribed during my summer bathing suit deal was overwhelmingly:

  1. The thought of finding, or worse, wearing a bathing suit causes such deep distress that some people don’t even want to be offered help. I’m out!
  2. Finances. With competing expenses, prioritizing something as “frivolous” as what you look like falls to the bottom. You’re last on your list and it sucks. 


My responses:

  1. Gah, SHAME! You’d rather not go anywhere than deal with the pain of perceived judgment. And shame is hard to beat (queue my teaching on neuropathways and retraining the brain).
  2. I hear you. There aren’t enough dollars rotating through the right hands. Working with me means prioritizing yourself and ease to authentically show up in the world. Working with me also means supporting a woman-owned business. We should be paying women cash money at the same rate we pay men cash money (i.e. Amazon/Jeff Bezos).

I want you to do me a favor and send a blessing to those who fall into the category of deep distress around bathing suits. If that’s you too, turn to your shoulder and give yourself a kiss. 

On the financial front, I’d like to talk to you about what does work for you. With all my heart, I want you to feel good in what you wear and enjoy getting dressed. No request is silly or bad.