Recently I turned 40 (more about my slip n’ slide party next time ????????????) and I’ve been taking an inventory of my life & business this year.

Before I share a few highlights from each category, I have a birthday favor to ask.

Will you tell me how I’m doing? I’m not taking anything personally, but I want to know my impact on your life.

If your style and enjoyment getting dressed has greatly improved, let me know.

If it’s 50/50 but you still have a ways to go, tell me what I can do.

If you feel lost in the world of buying and wearing clothes that not only look good, but feel good too, and you haven’t already done so, let’s get you scheduled for a free 20-minute style consultation.

Since this is a birthday ask, you have to answer something ????.

Here are the highlights from the past few years of my life.


  • I love my family and my child is a (IVF) miracle
  • Supporting aging parents hurts sometimes
  • I love myself and my body at 40 and that can be pretty counter cultural these days
  • I can also struggle (hard) getting dressed
  • PMS takes me down down
  • You would not believe how cool my friends are
  • I don’t always know if I was built to be a mom, but I’m doing a great job
  • My body started changing in bigger ways this year. Pretty soon I’ll have first-hand experience for my pre & peri-menopause babes


  • I am successful beyond my wildest dreams
  • I’ve had clients in over half the U.S., 10 countries, and on 5 continents
  • I get tired more than I used to
  • I’m about to hire my 6th contract employee because I need a team to keep up with my workload
  • I sometimes short change myself, but under charging
  • My strength & weakness is being an overdeliverer
  • I don’t always know what it looks like to prioritize myself and my family over work
  • I’m really proud of myself

Thanks for celebrating my struggles and successes with me. In general, I feel like a badass and as long as I can remember that my work and life run smoothly and feel pretty damn great.