"I love what I do. Like truly, deeply love it. I get great satisfaction from being present for the moments when people begin to heal and feel more like themselves. I sit in wonderment and admiration as people I work with start to experience the richness life has to offer. It is an honor to witness transformations towards joy, fulfillment, and happy, authentic expression."

- Marisol Colette, The Fashion Therapist

"Marisol styled me for my business photoshoot. She made me feel so much more confident and tuned into myself; which, in turn made the photos that much more genuine feeling."
- Laura Keyes, Keyes Pottery

"Working with Marisol was great. When I first considered working with her, it felt indulgent and vain to ask someone to help me "pick out my clothes." I was wrong on so many levels about what Marisol's service truly was. She certainly helped me choose more appropriate clothes and discard clothes that no longer made sense at my stage in life. More importantly, she taught me how to choose clothes based on how I feel or how I WANT to feel. Marisol also helped me develop a system for choosing the right clothes for any situation and feel like I was being true to my integrity and being myself, not wearing something for someone else."

- Jason De Los Santos, Spectrum Labs, Remedy Health and Wellness

"The #stretchyourstylesimplychallenge popped into my life at an integral time of jiving with quarantine times. Taking charge and making a decision that I was going to wear something that made me happy was my inspiration in this challenge. I was able to move aside and just feel good about the clothes I chose to wear. The inspiring encouragement of Marisol throughout this challenge brought me instant joy, and the joy is still here every time I get dressed. I am not one to share so much about my personal style but I was able to naturally share through this experience. I am still having a blast dressing up every day!"
- Kelsey

"I've done a lot of work over the last several years around reversing a deep fear of (running out of) money... and adapting the principle of sufficiency: I have enough and I am enough.  Cleaning my external physical space has become an essential prerequisite; over the last year I've been moving through parts of my house and have cleared much of the clutter.  But the clothes...that felt different.  I've come to learn that there are a lot of 'old stories' that lie behind the clothes that have long had a home in my closet.  

It was at that point that I decided to invest in time and resources to schedule a closet inventory with Marisol. Yes, it could seem indulgent to invest in a closet inventory during these times of 'constraint'.  But hiring Marisol during this time was the right thing to do on so many levels-- supporting Marisol's business during this challenging time for small business owners, creating intention to move through my old stories without doing it alone.  We started with a check-in, a time of reflection and intention, and then moved to each and every item laid out on the bed.  By the end, I had a new relationship with the clothes that remained, with ideas for putting together outfits that accentuate my skin tones and reflect my essence.  I was surprised with the ease of doing all this virtually...  it felt like she was in the room with me!

Thank you so much Marisol for your amazing gift of bringing therapeutic principles to the not so easy job of cleaning out my closet!"

- Jen

"Marisol supported me and my business during a time of immense transition. I needed some fresh headshots and photos for my new website for my therapy practice, but felt really nervous and unsure of how to pick out my outfits and present myself congruently with where I was in my life. Marisol has an amazing knack for style and fashion, but there’s a deeper magic to her ability to really recognize her clients’ souls, and bring them to light through style. I felt that so profoundly in our work together. She guided me in checking in with myself exactly where I was, and also in shifting into a fresh start. The end result felt aligned with the spirit of the heart and soul of my practice. The process was incredibly life-giving and healing. I am grateful to Marisol for doing this work, as well as to myself for investing in this process."
- Kendra, Sunburst Counseling, PLLC

"The Align Your Style to Your Soul digital course is both education and self-care. Marisol has created a safe container to play with our authentic self in a way that guides our personal style. There are exercises to articulate your style, find your brands, & clear your closet of what's not in alignment; all the while getting the wisdom of Marisol teachings on  style and color principles that are universal and timeless.

I went from unclear on what my style even was to knowing clearly what makes me feel beautiful, strong, and adorned. Thank you Marisol!"
- Laura


"I loved working with Marisol. I have never had any confidence in how I looked. I felt as If didn’t know how to pick out the clothes that best represented me and my style. I have been a basic jeans and tee shirt girl most of my life. Marisol showed me how to convert that into a professional look that I could wear with the assurance that I looked both professional and how I could change a few accessories and make it look more elegant. Now I feel confident that I can pick out the things that represent my style and make me look professional."
- Sandra Grace

"Working with Marisol not only elevated my elevated my spirit! I've worked with other "stylists" who helped me pick out clothes, but Sol Refection's focus on BOTH inner and outer beauty guided me to dress and appear in a way that really aligned to who I was personally, professionally and who I really needed to be seen as."
- Lorrie



"I've never been great with clothes. Not a train wreck, but not someone whose style stood out. In working with Marisol, I got clear on what was most "me" in my closet, new ways to put pieces together, and in shopping with her I stretched my style in some really exciting ways. Now the "stretch" outfits feel totally normal and I can get a little more adventurous! That's the external stuff. The internal changes I've made since working with Marisol and following her Instagram account are the really juicy parts of how she works. She makes me think about what I'm wearing on a deeper, more authentic level. So yes, I look more stylish... but my relationship to adorning myself is the part that will last season after season."
- Allison

"Marisol has helped me find my inner beauty and have the courage and ease to express it on the outside. She has an incredible way of seeing a persons individual beauty and gently supporting it to come alive. I have such a better sense not just of fashion in general, but of fashion for my personal uniqueness and taste. I’m so much more comfortable picking out an outfit and feeling confident about my pick. I feel more beautiful than ever now that my outside expression of myself reflects the inside. Thank you!"
- Nancy



"To folks considering the myriad of services SolReflection has to offer, I cannot recommend Marisol enough. Not only has she helped me grow as a person, her lessons have taught me how to truly celebrate myself! A big part of the path toward self-love and finding one’s personal style is the unlearning of all that we have been taught about beauty, body image, and self-worth. Marisol makes that process one that is grounded in joy, empowerment, and respect. While learning how to release trauma and move forward in your journey, as her client you are also equipped with a toolbox of skills that have real-life, tangible applications. I never thought I could enjoy getting dressed, but I finally do! The truth is: it’s so much more than image consulting! It’s a real relationship, with an intimate sharing of knowledge that is rooted in kindness, self-discovery, and individuality. If you haven’t signed up already, do it! After one session, you’ll quickly notice a difference in your stride, your self-talk, and your own gaze of the world. Marisol is beyond a therapist & image consultant, she is a gem of a human being, a fierce advocate & educator, and a shining light to all that cross her path. I am so grateful for the way she has impacted my life, and I promise you will be too!"
- Zoe Maya

"Marisol recently suggested that I change my baggy, looser jeans to a sleeker fitting jean or even leggings! So I have incorporated leggings into my wardrobe and it gives my look a more put together vibe teaching me that you can rock a look no matter what your age, figure or size."
- Mary