Sol Reflection Testimonials Marisol Colette

"I love what I do. Truly, deeply love it. It's awesome seeing the moments clients start to not only look good, but to feel good too. And I watch in awe as they show up with more confidence and freedom, finally giving them the chance to experience all the richness life has to offer. Some days I still can't believe my job is to guide people through life-changing transformations and finding more joy and authenticity as they fully express themselves through what they wear."

- Marisol Colette, "The Fashion Therapist"

"Marisol is a very professional and caring personal stylist who can represent one's soul and heart through the choice of clothes and accessories. She is very much tapped into her intuition and leads with kindness empowering women to feel well in their bodies having fun and being playful with their outfits. I truly enjoyed my experience of working with Marisol. I felt heard and listened to. The whole process was very smooth."

- Marta Sokol-Keplacka, Edinburgh, Scotland - Psychic Medium

"Working with Marisol the most magical experience. I had so much resistance to buying new things. She was so understanding and gave such perfect responses to help me over my fears of  getting new things. I have received so many compliments from her style recommendations. The pieces communicate ME so well to the world. She is a true gem!"

- Heather Doran, Mississippi - author, speaker, coach, mentor and thriving Money Goddess

"Working with Marisol has raised my confidence level to new heights.  I feel better about the way I Iook. I carry myself differently.  People who know me well have all said, you look happy.  I am happy!  I feel good about myself; I feel good about my style.  I feel confident I purchase clothing items that continue to make me look good."

- Sarah D., North Carolina - Retired U.S. Forest Service

"Working with Marisol allowed me to shine! Before working with Marisol, I had no idea that the clothes I wore had such an impact on my brand. Marisol helped me to define my brand values, essence and personality through my wardrobe… and she captured it perfectly!"

- Cheryl Kasper, New Jersey -  Quantum Energy Healer and Therapist

"Working with Marisol is like working with your most honest, loyal and caring best friend--you're that comfortable with her that immediately. Her years as a therapist and stylist make her ideally suited for this work. Marisol changed my life--if that sounds dramatic to you, you just haven't worked with her yet!  

When I worked with Marisol for our business photo shoot, I knew it would be an incredible experience--I've heard about her work for years. What I did NOT anticipate is the huge value I would get personally. Because she really took the time to know me and hear what I wanted, I walked away with clothing that was perfect for a photo shoot, a professional presentation, or just a regular day at the office. Everything we bought is comfortable (my top priority), flattering and professional without being too stuffy or formal. Basically I got the capsule wardrobe of my dreams!"

- Amy Worthy, North Carolina - COO & High Performance Business Coach, Next Level Wealth

"Marisol is an absolute star. This work is very very very deep and "Stylist" does not cut it for all I received from working with her. She has an amazing eye and is born for this. I am so grateful to have worked with Marisol."

- Chloe Jimenez Peters, Majorca, Spain - R.T.T. Practicioner

"I used to relate to The Ugly Duckling, but Marisol has made me feel like I can embody the swan version of myself. I never thought she could help me transform from the outside in, but she taught me to not look at my clothes as something to hide behind. Instead of hiding my beauty, I use my clothes a way to shine my light."

- Yvette Dubel, California - Arts-Based Educational Researcher

"I worked with Marisol during the planning stages of my first branding photoshoot.

Before my photoshoot, my main concern was that my images wouldn’t look authentic. Authenticity is essential to me and how I represent myself. 

Marisol was able to see my true spirit and help me find a style that aligned with my brand essence, brand personality and personal values. She helped me identify my outfits, recognising the colours that reflected this. She helped me step outside my comfort zone to embody outfits I may only have had the confidence to embrace with her knowledge and skill. 

Marisol helped me feel beautiful inside and out. I am grateful to her as there is nothing more magical than helping a client feel confident that they are representing their whole self."

- Steph Rubock, Australia - Empowerment Coach

"I came out of the pandemic with a bunch of new identities I didn't have pre-covid: suddenly I was a mom, a therapist with a private practice, and the owner of an online D&D company for kids. I have never been a clothes person but really did not know how to dress for all these new roles in my life. Marisol helped me build a wardrobe that moves me between all three of these worlds confidently, without having to think too hard about what I'm wearing. I know whatever I pull out of the closet is going to work for me, fit well, and look great."

- Katie Lear, LCMHC, RPT, RDT, North Carolina - Creative Tween Counseling, Young Dragonslayers

"I feel confident in the way I look. I was so worried about losing myself in this process, feeling like I was trying to project someone who wasn't me. But I truly feel like I have found myself! The warmth and personality I want to show to others is perfectly complimented through the outfits and style I now have. I really appreciate you giving me the time to feel out this process and find a lot of ownership in this. I feel extremely accomplished every morning looking at my amazing outfits I have to wear and I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to get your help in this."

- Zachary Shackelford, North Carolina

"This 3-month investment was educational, uplifting, exciting, and totally worth it! With Marisol, I shopped in new places, explored new styles, and learned practical tips to make my outfits shine. Now, I feel aligned and can enthusiastically live as the bold, sensible leader that I am. "

- Dr. Shaniece Criss, South Carolina - The Public Health Enthusiast

Listen to Dr. Criss' Ted X, "Having Babies: From Cotton Fields to Twitter"

"I'm so very grateful for my time with Marisol in style land! -- Especially a comment she made about "softening," and how that aligns aspects of my body and personality to my evolving style. I'm wearing so many fun clothes, shoes & earrings as a result of our 75-minute Style Consultation and am definitely gaining my style confidence back :)!"

- Jordan Grob, LCSW, LCAS, North Carolina

"Working with Marisol changed how I think about myself and how I can show my inner beauty to the world. This experience wasn't just about clothes, but about self expression and confidence. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way, and provided a warm loving environment in which to learn about fashion and style. I never had much input on clothes or makeup growing up, and I rarely felt proud of the way I looked, because I was self conscious about my choices. Now I look forward to picking out my clothes each day, and feel good about each one. I don't think about how I look when I'm out anymore, because I know I'm looking great. Thanks Marisol for taking me on this journey!"

- Mash Hes, DVM, North Carolina - Sage Pet Hospital

"I worked with Marisol to help prepare and execute a full glamour photoshoot to celibate my 21st birthday. This shoot was important because I’m usually someone who hates taking pictures of myself so, I wanted to use the opportunity to step outside of my confront zone and portray the confident women I’m becoming. Working with Marisol was amazing because she listened to my goals for the shoot and then helped me every step of the way. Having someone to help with the logistics and details of the photoshoot allowed me to have more freedom to be mentally present and get the most out of the experience. Marisol also helped me to check in with myself and advocate for what I truly was feeling and wanted. Working with Marisol went beyond just picking out outfits (although that was incredible helpful) she helped me to craft a narrative that conveyed what I wanted to express through carefully curated looks and visuals. She styled me both from the outside and from within which allowed my photoshoot to become a transformative experience and memory I will always cherish."

- Sovah Woydak, New York - Multimedia Artist

"OMG! I would love to keep working with Marisol forever! As I uplevel and my energy shifts in alignment with myself and my business I believe that it is so important to keep working with Marisol to translate this style and alignment and bring it to life as well as in my photoshoots. She has helped me see myself in ways that I couldn't see all by myself! She really connects with my energy 🙂"

- Luisa Niakan, Florida - Strategic Corporate Recruiting Manager, Talent Acquisition Champion

"This experience has been like no other I’ve ever gone through.  Marisol and I touched on and battled through a lot of mental blocks for me when it came to spending money on myself and taking care of me.  She was kind, gentle and reassuring.  We worked through a lot of body image issues and found things that worked for me.  I really appreciated the intuitive listening, the follow through and the support throughout this entire process.  I knew I needed to do something, but I didn’t know it was this.  I am so happy and grateful for all Marisol has done."

- Ariel Casale, North Carolina - US Probation Officer, Jewelry Maker

"Marisol is pure magic. She gets you at a soul level in seconds. I felt loved and supported from the first second we met on zoom to well beyond our sessions together. I'm so so grateful for the gorgeous human she is. Her flexibility to work in with me and my timeline was incredible. I was beyond prepared for my shoot, and had an experience I just loved. I would recommend her 1 million %. "

- Fiona Jones, Australia - Superconscious Success & Creation Coach, MillionaireUnicorn

"Marisol taught me to feel much more confident regarding what I want to wear. She is so easy to work with - so incredibly supportive. Getting dressed used to be something that stressed me out but now it's actually fun! I can't wait to work with her again!"

- Jen Rafferty, New York - Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Empowered Educator, Empowered Educator

"Working with Marisol not only transformed my closet but how I feel about myself. This process helped me to reflect on how I see myself and in turn how I show up in the world.  It helped me to recognize the influence of my past,  how much I hide away in the background or don't feel like the occasion is important enough to wear the nice things.  So many subconscious messages I was sending to myself everyday about what I was doing and my own worth.   There were tears. There was healing.  There was laughter. There were so many good clothes!

In the end I not only ended up with some amazing clothes (and most importantly knowledge about HOW to wear clothes - who knew tying up a shirt or rolling up a sleeve could do so much?!) but I learned to really value how I feel about myself.  That is is okay to want to look great, and that it can shift my mood, that it can send a message to myself that I am worth it! "

- Erica Carroll, North Carolina - Landscape Consultant

"Marisol captured the heart and soul of my business. My brand is pretty bold and unique, while my personal style was more minimalistic and modest. She pushed me when I needed to pushed and empowered me to make decisions throughout the process. Not only did my photos turn out insanely great, but my confidence to display more of my out there personality in my personal style has expanded."

- Sara Robinson, Kansas - Intuitive, Activator, Feminine Embodiment Coach for New Paradigm Leaders, The Woo and The Do

"Working with Sol I felt SEEN right from the first moment, and I was surprised at how fast she "got" me and where I was looking for, right from the start. And it's not about the pretty clothes or flattering colors, but about what I want to SAY, what I want to BE and become. Through talking to Sol I had so many light bulb moments that really impacted the process of rebranding my business. And of course -  the end result of the process - the brand photos I have now,  feel so ME but an elevated version I couldn't express before."

- Madi Dearson, South Israel - Brand messaging expert and marketing coach, Twin Flame Biz

"I would highly recommend working with Marisol. It was such a fun  and enriching experience. The work that Marisol put in helped me to focus on how I looked and felt in the clothes. I feel much more self-assured in my style since our session, and I'm much more excited to pick outfits each day. Marisol is very talented and has a great eye. It was fascinating to watch her work!"

- Amy Chambers, North Carolina - Art/Special Ed Teacher

"Marisol has a truly magical way of inviting others into deeper connection with their bodies, their style, their soul. She not only helped me to release old pieces of clothing that no longer serve me (and were just taking up space--literally and energetically--in my closet). But she helped to usher in a new era of integration between seemingly disparate aspects of myself--my mystical rocker part, my practical mama part, my professional therapist part, etc. And she was a fantastic behind-the-scenes "photo shoot doula" who really helped to birth my artist self into the world in a way that both pushed my edges and also felt deeply authentic. Thank you, Marisol, for helping me to see so clearly that how I adorn myself can be an outward expression of my soul's story. "

- Ivy Eld, North Carolina - Musician, Therapist, Mystic, Momma

"I highly recommend working with Marisol.  My wife and I worked with her for 3 months and it was transformational.  We not only worked through the anxiety around spending money on quality clothing, but more importantly, bought clothing that made us feel more confident in our bodies."

- Patrick Casale, North Carolina - Entrepreneur Coach, Group Practice Owner and Podcaster, All Things Private Practice

"Working with Marisol is a delight. If you don't like shopping she takes out all the heavy lifting and narrows down what can seem overwhelming. She helps you find things that resonate with you and gives ideas on how to put them together with the rest of your wardrobe."

- Mary Etherton, North Carolina - Traveling Vegan and Singer/Songwriter

"I had a lot of body issues and being a larger woman I had put myself in a box wearing black clothes and fading into the background. Marisol was wise and gentle and she pushed me out of my comfort zone. She dared me to be seen and to own who I am confidently. She has this gift for truly "seeing" people and is so intuitive with her styling."

- Christi Diamond, Oklahoma - Intimacy Coach,

"The items Marisol offered were in line with my lifestyle and even pushed me outside of what I normally look at in ways I wouldn't have considered. Several were right on in terms of opening me to other possibilities for what I wear and might feel good wearing!"

- Robin Craig, Arizona - Therapist, LPC

"Working with Marisol was one of the best things I've ever done for my self-image. I walked away with a very clear understanding of how I wanted to present myself and my business. Every time I'm in a store or shopping online, I now run things through my "does this fit into my look" filter, and it's changed not only my shopping habits, but my life. Thank you, Marisol! You have a special gift and I'm so thankful you are sharing it with the world!"

- Natalie Micale, North Carolina - Career & Executive Leadership Coach for Women, Natalie Micale Coaching

"The biggest shift has been around bravery in wearing things that feel good to me, but also showcase some of the internal sparkle I wasn't demonstrating before.  Marisol has also helped me to really think more intentionally about what I put on on a daily basis."

- Ariel Shumaker, North Carolina - Photographer and Therapist, Ariel Shumaker Photography

"I feel not like I got lost in the branding, but like I was found. She listened to me, that I wasn't like other women, and helped me stay true to that. The brands she offered were alternative and inclusive, like me. It resonated. Hard."

- Diana Greshtchuk, California - Financial Literacy Coach, Fan Your Flame, LLC

"I knew I would get a lot out of one shopping experience, but I definitely got more than I expected!  I feel better and more confident about myself than I have in years, and more confident in my body than I thought I could right now, and have this new vision of my 'style', that is unexpected and really fun. I feel like I'm finally entering the world again after a long pause."

- Misty S., North Carolina

All I can say is WOW! Having Marisol as my stylist for my branding photoshoot was amazing. She totally got me, and she nailed the look and feel beautifully. It was such a fun experience and I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

- Cristina Moidel, California - Transformational Nutrition Coach

"Marisol was so fun to work with!  She was an amazing resource not only for finding unique clothing items for my upcoming event, but a calming voice in the midst of what was a stressful time.  She listened to my preferences, while challenging me to try new things too.  I felt like a million dollars on that stage and owe her and the rest of the team a ton of thanks! Marisol helped me see that it is possible - and powerful - to level up my appearance while staying true to my personal vision."

- Ginger Huebner, North Carolina - Artist, educator and visual translator, TedEX, Ginger Huebner

"Marisol is AMAZING and her styling capabilities are exceptional! I hired Marisol to help me prepare for an upcoming photo shoot.  We had an aggressive time line and she NAILED IT!  She somehow managed to help me come up with multiple complete outfits in a quick 60 min Zoom call. 

Marisol pushed me out of my comfort zone and created clothing options that reflected my energy and presence in the world!  She understood the assignment!

The final photos were gorgeous ( I looked like a rock star) and her styling shines.  Bonus: The experience was fun and Marisol is a great human being! I look forward to working with her again!"

- Cheryl Bond, Arizona - HR Thought Leader

"Working with Marisol and SolReflection has brought me back to me. Our work has helped me remember that we have to learn to hold hands with ourselves. I am in this body and I deserve to feel good in this body all day, every day. Getting dressed can be an outward expression of that deservingness, and it can also be a reminder that I can feel good even when I'm not feeling good. After our 3 months together, I get excited about getting dressed everyday. I love my style and it was always there! I had just forgotten about myself and my desires to show up the way I want to feel. Thank you, Marisol!"

- Joanna Baker, North Carolina - Founder and Real Estate Broker, Resonant Realty

"Marisol styled me for my business photoshoot. She made me feel so much more confident and tuned into myself; which, in turn made the photos that much more genuine feeling."

- Laura Keyes, North Carolina - Keyes Pottery

"Working with Marisol was great. When I first considered working with her, it felt indulgent and vain to ask someone to help me "pick out my clothes." I was wrong on so many levels about what Marisol's service truly was. She certainly helped me choose more appropriate clothes and discard clothes that no longer made sense at my stage in life. More importantly, she taught me how to choose clothes based on how I feel or how I WANT to feel. Marisol also helped me develop a system for choosing the right clothes for any situation and feel like I was being true to my integrity and being myself, not wearing something for someone else."

- Jason De Los Santos, North Carolina - Remedy Health and Wellness

"The #stretchyourstylesimplychallenge popped into my life at an integral time of jiving with quarantine times. Taking charge and making a decision that I was going to wear something that made me happy was my inspiration in this challenge. I was able to move aside and just feel good about the clothes I chose to wear. The inspiring encouragement of Marisol throughout this challenge brought me instant joy, and the joy is still here every time I get dressed. I am not one to share so much about my personal style but I was able to naturally share through this experience. I am still having a blast dressing up every day!"

- Kelsey Anderson

"I've done a lot of work over the last several years around reversing a deep fear of (running out of) money... and adapting the principle of sufficiency: I have enough and I am enough.  Cleaning my external physical space has become an essential prerequisite; over the last year I've been moving through parts of my house and have cleared much of the clutter.  But the clothes...that felt different.  I've come to learn that there are a lot of 'old stories' that lie behind the clothes that have long had a home in my closet.  

It was at that point that I decided to invest in time and resources to schedule a closet inventory with Marisol. Yes, it could seem indulgent to invest in a closet inventory during these times of 'constraint'.  But hiring Marisol during this time was the right thing to do on so many levels-- supporting Marisol's business during this challenging time for small business owners, creating intention to move through my old stories without doing it alone.  We started with a check-in, a time of reflection and intention, and then moved to each and every item laid out on the bed.  By the end, I had a new relationship with the clothes that remained, with ideas for putting together outfits that accentuate my skin tones and reflect my essence.  I was surprised with the ease of doing all this virtually...  it felt like she was in the room with me!

Thank you so much Marisol for your amazing gift of bringing therapeutic principles to the not so easy job of cleaning out my closet!"

- Jen Powell, North Carolina - Powell & Associates, LLC

"Marisol supported me and my business during a time of immense transition. I needed some fresh headshots and photos for my new website for my therapy practice, but felt really nervous and unsure of how to pick out my outfits and present myself congruently with where I was in my life. Marisol has an amazing knack for style and fashion, but there’s a deeper magic to her ability to really recognize her clients’ souls, and bring them to light through style. I felt that so profoundly in our work together. She guided me in checking in with myself exactly where I was, and also in shifting into a fresh start. The end result felt aligned with the spirit of the heart and soul of my practice. The process was incredibly life-giving and healing. I am grateful to Marisol for doing this work, as well as to myself for investing in this process."

- Kendra Lilley, North Carolina - Sunburst Counseling, PLLC

"The Align Your Style to Your Soul digital course is both education and self-care. Marisol has created a safe container to play with our authentic self in a way that guides our personal style. There are exercises to articulate your style, find your brands, & clear your closet of what's not in alignment; all the while getting the wisdom of Marisol teachings on  style and color principles that are universal and timeless.

I went from unclear on what my style even was to knowing clearly what makes me feel beautiful, strong, and adorned. Thank you Marisol!"

- Laura Juarez, North Carolina -  10x Leadership Lab


"I loved working with Marisol. I have never had any confidence in how I looked. I felt as If didn’t know how to pick out the clothes that best represented me and my style. I have been a basic jeans and tee shirt girl most of my life. Marisol showed me how to convert that into a professional look that I could wear with the assurance that I looked both professional and how I could change a few accessories and make it look more elegant. Now I feel confident that I can pick out the things that represent my style and make me look professional."

- Sandra Grace, Florida - Speaker, Author, Connector

"Working with Marisol not only elevated my elevated my spirit! I've worked with other "stylists" who helped me pick out clothes, but Sol Refection's focus on BOTH inner and outer beauty guided me to dress and appear in a way that really aligned to who I was personally, professionally and who I really needed to be seen as."

- Lorrie Thomas Ross, California - The Marketing Therapist®



"I've never been great with clothes. Not a train wreck, but not someone whose style stood out. In working with Marisol, I got clear on what was most "me" in my closet, new ways to put pieces together, and in shopping with her I stretched my style in some really exciting ways. Now the "stretch" outfits feel totally normal and I can get a little more adventurous! That's the external stuff. The internal changes I've made since working with Marisol and following her Instagram account are the really juicy parts of how she works. She makes me think about what I'm wearing on a deeper, more authentic level. So yes, I look more stylish... but my relationship to adorning myself is the part that will last season after season."

- Allison Puryear, North Carolina - Abundance Practice Building

"Marisol has helped me find my inner beauty and have the courage and ease to express it on the outside. She has an incredible way of seeing a persons individual beauty and gently supporting it to come alive. I have such a better sense not just of fashion in general, but of fashion for my personal uniqueness and taste. I’m so much more comfortable picking out an outfit and feeling confident about my pick. I feel more beautiful than ever now that my outside expression of myself reflects the inside. Thank you!"

- Nancy Krisel, North Carolina - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, SEP



"To folks considering the myriad of services SolReflection has to offer, I cannot recommend Marisol enough. Not only has she helped me grow as a person, her lessons have taught me how to truly celebrate myself! A big part of the path toward self-love and finding one’s personal style is the unlearning of all that we have been taught about beauty, body image, and self-worth. Marisol makes that process one that is grounded in joy, empowerment, and respect. While learning how to release trauma and move forward in your journey, as her client you are also equipped with a toolbox of skills that have real-life, tangible applications. I never thought I could enjoy getting dressed, but I finally do! The truth is: it’s so much more than image consulting! It’s a real relationship, with an intimate sharing of knowledge that is rooted in kindness, self-discovery, and individuality. If you haven’t signed up already, do it! After one session, you’ll quickly notice a difference in your stride, your self-talk, and your own gaze of the world. Marisol is beyond a therapist & image consultant, she is a gem of a human being, a fierce advocate & educator, and a shining light to all that cross her path. I am so grateful for the way she has impacted my life, and I promise you will be too!"

- Zoe Maya Jones, New York - Chef & Culinary Instructor

"Marisol recently suggested that I change my baggy, looser jeans to a sleeker fitting jean or even leggings! So I have incorporated leggings into my wardrobe and it gives my look a more put together vibe teaching me that you can rock a look no matter what your age, figure or size."

- Mary Tomas, Tennessee - Fine Artist