Letting Go to Make Space

Stretch Your Style, Style

Everyone has their favorite “go-to” clothes in their wardrobe. These are the clothes that you love the most – and wear the most – for a number of reasons that could include their uniqueness, how they look on you, the color / cut / style or some other similar reason. So, what happens with the … Read More


Stretch Your Style, Style

The new year started with a bang as a bomb cyclone and a rash of cold & flu rolled through town leaving us all a bit frazzled, especially since we were hoping we had left all the bad in 2017. But on one of those remarkably frigid days in early January, a powerful woman and a group of … Read More

Let Nature Be Your Guide

Sol Reflection, Style

Over the past few weeks I have felt called to sit outside watching the simplicity of the leaves, listening to the songs of the birds and breathing in the crisp mountain air. I have had a range of emotions post-election and I can’t think of a better place to gain peace and clarity than on the … Read More

Finding a Theme and Creating a Look

Stretch Your Style, Style

Here’s a recent photo of me at our dear friends Abby and McGregor’s wedding. You may be wondering how I came up with this outfit or from where the inspiration arrived. Or, you may be saying something like, “Sure, it looks good, but I could never pull it off.” Trust me, I questioned it myself, and had my own … Read More