Happy Thanksgiving ALL!

Want to know what a turkey & your personal style have in common?!

They’re both classic!

I have a serious opinion that a good personal style contains a certain percentage of classic pieces.

80% to be exact.

I call it the 80/20 rule.

80% classic.*

20% fun, trendy, fluff.**

The 80/20 rule is one of the most important tools I have for keeping your closet fresh and never out of style and it looks like this:

80% of clothes/shoes/accessories in your closet are classic pieces.

By classic, I mean they are quality material, a great fit, and a color that enhances your natural beauty (join my E-Course to do a deeper dive to find out YOUR color season analysis!). And as long as you take care of these pieces and they continue to fit, you can wear them any time, anywhere (yes, anywhere – the grocery store, a meeting, the park – anywhere) and for as many years as they last.

20% of clothes/shoes/accessories in your closet are fun, sometimes cheap, often bold and daring, and occasionally trendy.

This section of your closet is designed to accessorize the classic section. These are pieces that although you may not keep forever, you simply can’t live without. I still maintain that these pieces should feel like “you,” and because they are less likely to last in your closet, this is where you can take the greatest risks with the smallest consequence.

Think if it were the opposite; if the 80% were 20% and vis-a-versa. You would struggle to have reliable staple options in your wardrobe you could really count on. You might also find yourself chasing trends and using a lot of financial and material resources trying to “keep up with the times.”

Set yourself up for success with a foundational wardrobe that makes getting dressed every day a breeze (80%) while including pieces that feel fun, funky and totally freeing (20%)!

*Classic = Think: I will ALWAYS have a good staple pieces to choose from every day.
**Fun/Trendy/Fluffy = Think: I will ALWAYS have something new with which to innovate and accessorize.

Does the 80/20 rule feel helpful to you? Do you have your own rules you stand by? If so, I’d love to know! Share your thoughts below.