Everyone has their favorite “go-to” clothes in their wardrobe. These are the clothes that you love the most – and wear the most – for a number of reasons that could include their uniqueness, how they look on you, the color / cut / style or some other similar reason.

So, what happens with the rest of the clothes in your closet? Items that you’ve worn once or maybe never. Items that you may have found irresistible in the store but they never quite conjured the love you thought they would. For whatever reason, these items are no longer serving you. They are taking up space, causing clutter, not just in your closet, but in your ability to easily piece together an outfit that will make you look – and feel – confident and fabulous.

It may be time to let go of some of these pieces. As you examine each article of clothes, ask yourself, “What keeps me holding on?” If nothing pops into your head, put them in the “time to go” pile. If you do come up with an answer, you can set them aside in a “maybe” pile to think more thoroughly about later. You may also re-discover some gems that were lost in the fray.

Whether you end up letting go of 5 items or 50 items, the act of uncluttering your closet – and letting go – will not only give you more space in your wardrobe, it will also free up space in your mind to reinvent your style.