The new year started with a bang as a bomb cyclone and a rash of cold & flu rolled through town leaving us all a bit frazzled, especially since we were hoping we had left all the bad in 2017. But on one of those remarkably frigid days in early January, a powerful woman and a group of strong, supportive men, gathered with co-stylist Caleb Owolabi, Rose Kaz of Rose Photo and myself to set resolutions for a new and bound-to-be-improved 2018.

The vision to create a photoshoot highlighting the ever-growing trend of athleisure, a wave of fashion that also directly relates to everyone’s favorite New Year’s Resolution: Be Healthier, was only one of our goals. What ran even deeper, was our desire to emphasize the more important resolutions that need to be made this year, namely women empowering women and men being allies in this effort.

We decided to focus our shoot around the adventurous, mighty and intoxicatingly beautiful Michaelyn Foy who indicated, during prep for this shoot, that she feels most radiant after weeks in nature, sun-kissed, without a shower in sight. Holding her natural beauty at the forefront of our styling vision, we offered Michaelyn the vibrant support of four devoted men who showed up as witnesses to her fierce power.

It was an honor to partner with local businesses for the attire. The Western North Carolina-based brand, Epatage, who’s socially conscious mission to “to support all outsiders and non-conformists,” “blending workwear with alternative lifestyles,” dovetailed beautifully with the inspiration for this shoot. And Scout Boutique, who’s badass boss lady, Dema Badr, helped ensure Michaelyn looked stunning from every vantage point by giving us access to new arrivals before they ever hit the racks.

This first look at our New Year’s Resolutions is a chance to uplift one another and listen more fully to our strong voices. This is what we want in 2018. Spring will blossom with these intentions and call for even more action. Join us, with purpose and potency, and share you voice.

In solidarity,


Marisol + Rose
Image with Intention
@solreflection + @ rose_kaz