I can’t quit bright pink, but I don’t know if I want to. 

I love PINK and it represents my fun, bubbly personality. It reminds me of art school with dyed hair and being called cute and spritely. I mean….that high school photo ?.

I’m turning 40 this year. 

There’s a settling and wisdom rolling over my life. It’s distinct and I’ve had three ages in my life when I felt distinctly different.

13 – Overnight I differentiated from my parents in a big way. 

30 – I sat in front of the mirror, as a romantic relationship deteriorated beneath me, loving exactly what I saw. It was a new feeling to know I was ok was no matter what. And I knew without doubt I was beautiful in all ways, always. 

And now 40 – There’s a maturity and I’m excited to see how that shows up in my clothes. So far it means noticing how a new, softer set of colors make me feel. And it’s meant exploring outside of a box I didn’t even realize I was in.

For example, I had the manager of a store where I shop for clients tell me she wanted to style me.


I was so excited to be the client but told her she had to be cool with me not liking any of it. I’ve developed my sense of style with intention and know what I like. She’s badass and assured me that was fine. 

She had the dressing room decorated with full outfits specially chosen for me and something to sip on. Just like I do for my clients ?.

I didn’t tell her what to do, humbling myself to her innovation and willing learning new things ?. 

While playing dress up I said what every client of mine has ever said, “I never would have picked this, but I love it.”

The clothes I came home in sat in the bag for a week. I liked them but they didn’t totally feel like me.


By the time I hung them up, I was starting to love this new, visual version of me, and older pieces were looking stale and dated (representing a past me). Pink is still a staple but who knew an experimental maximalist had so many unexplored areas!?

Like all of us, this is an evolution, but I’m glad I was willing to play, and I’m excited for the mystery of 40 and who I’m becoming.