My client invested in herself through her work with me, but she’s not the only one benefiting.   

If you believe life would be richer when anyone who had something great to share felt confident enough in their skin to share it, find a personal style that truly reflects who you are.

Because when you look good, you feel good. And feeling good makes you feel like yourself.

And feeling good is contagious. Everyone around you will want to feel this way too.

My client calls this “ripples in the pond” of our work together.

She regularly tells me how changing her personal style is positively impacting her young adult daughter. 

If you need yet another reason to fully express your insides on the outside, know that you’re also doing it for you best friend, your siblings, your coworkers, your kids, and those who came before us. You know, some of them were never able to fully express themselves. 

What better feeling is there than to whole heartedly know who you are, what you stand for, and to be able to demonstrate that clearly out in the world? And then encourage others to do the same?!



“I used to relate to The Ugly Duckling, but Marisol has made me feel like I can embody the swan version of myself. I never thought she could help metransform from the outside in, but she taught me to not look at my clothes as something to hide behind. Instead of hiding my beauty, I use my clothes a way to shine my light.

– Yvette Dubel, Arts-Based Educational Researcher