Why would I say that to you?? 

Turns out, I didn’t. YOU said it to you. And you do it alot. 

You seee a photo and pick yourself apart, limb by limb. 

This is objectification – something I know you don’t want to be accused of. 

It’s also a load of crap. 

Whether you like what you see or you don’t – neither is completely true. We are moving, breathing beings and that simply can’t be captured in a still image. 

Photos are a milisecond preserved in time and a gift for making memories. 

And don’t forget those of y’all who are just plain unphotogenic ?. That TRULY means nothing in relation to your real-life beauty. 

The worst is when we leave the house feeling like a million dollars, only to come home mad and ashamed. 

Imagine yourself a kid. You put together a cool outfit that feels just like you. You get to school and you’re immediately made fun of, made to feel embarrased for what you’re wearing. 

News Flash: You’re the bully of yourself in this scenario. 

So damn anything or anyone that can take away the sense of feeling like you look great and happy in your body. 

Instead of taking a photo so seriously (weird lighting & cameras that do what they want), cherish the memory and remember how you felt before you saw it.

Lately I’ve been getting asked to style clients for work headshots that can double for dating profile pics. Turns out, it has a big impact on getting noticed in a sea of beautiful people. One client said she got multiple messages saying her photos gave the impression she was really serious about finding a partner. Another said it was the thing that gave him the confidence to get out there again, post-divorce. 

If you need an updated profile pic, don’t hesitate, let’s talk.

And remember – the title of this is something I would never say to you. And neither would your bestie. So don’t you do it either. 

With Love & Gentleness,