Psst…I dropped something special for you at the end of this blog (hot tip: read till the end) 

 “The only thing that could make this day worse is if I had to go try on bathing suits.”

– Stacey M., Photoshoot + Seasonal Wardrobe Client

Have you ever thought that? I have. 

Now, imagine this: You’re at the beach (or pool party or hot tub with your boo, etc) and you feel SO GOOD. You have the perfect suit for you and you didn’t have to go through dressing room trauma (TRAUMA!) to get it. You are excited, beautiful, and confident. 

That is possible… 

Bathing suits have been made to be hard ????. We try them on when we haven’t seen our bodies in months. It’s shocking to be back in touch with our almost-naked-bods considering the social & cultural pressures to look a certain way.

Plus, dressing room lighting ????‍???? Am I right?? Nothing like a good fluorescent to show us everything we’ve been taught to hate.

Dressing rooms send you to the wrong neighborhood of your brain ????. The neighborhood of criticism and judgment without friends or professional hype-woman ???? to remind you of your inherent worth and beauty.

When wearing bathing suits, we should be making joyful memories instead of battling ourselves over what’s most flattering.

I’m am going to dedicate an entire day to finding you the perfect suit. One(s) that will ensure you’re confident and shift your mindset. You also get a Virtual Closet to receive personalized advice on what works best for you (yay!).

For the next four weeks, I’m offering a discount on my 75-minute style consultation (which includes access to your Virtual Closet)*. Starting today until Saturday, 4/27/24, it’s $200 off. The discount will decrease by $50 each subsequent week (next week it will be $150 off, and so on). So instead of $500, it’s $300. 

I would take advantage of this this week. Use discount code: SPRINGSUITS

*Please note that this offer is for bathing suit consultations only.

Cheers to your amazing new bathing suit!