Last week, I had a conversation with girlfriends about whether or not we’d ever get cosmetic surgery. It was incredible because we got to talk openly about our fantasies related to things we would change or augment about our physical appearance.

It was a FREEING, to say the least. No shame. No judgement (of self or others). Just talking it out and seeing where we landed.

We also shared where we got these ideas. Were they our original ideas or were they part of the social construct of beauty and “perfection” we live in? This was an important part of the conversation.

Bottom line, we let ourselves get curious. And with that, we each, individually, landed on the fact that regardless of our fantasies or our age (all living in different decades), none of us had yet taken action to altar our appearance outside of getting our hair cut/dyed, having a solid skin routine, drinking lots of water and wearing makeup from time to time (me, I wear it almost every day). We also determined most of our ideas were ones we would get done whether our friends or significant others agreed; meaning, we would like to believe we would do them for ourselves and not someone else*.

Have you had the chance to share your beauty likes and dislikes in a non-judgmental space? Consider where and with whom you could talk freely about ideas that often create shame for us and others.
*The truth is, none of us are free from society’s influence at this point. We have A LOT more dismantling of deep systemic structures before we’re fully making choices that are unique and original to us, if that’s even possible. But hopefully, through my newsletters, you are cultivating a deeper connection to your authentic self and your personal truths.

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