Men, y’all have personal style too. So then why’s it so hard to find something that makes you feel both confident and stylish?

Men tell me finding their personal style often looks like choosing between a button down and well…a button down. 

As a man you want to impress a love interest, a group of friends or simply feel good for yourself, but all you’ve got are flannels, a button down and some plain T’s. Having fewer choices makes getting dressed pretty simple, but it also means missing out on a chance to look your best and make a bigger impact. 

And another question: Does it even matter? 

Most men are taught “no,” it doesn’t matter. Or are taught not to care. You’ve got better things to think about than what to wear, right? Right. Actually, we all do. But we also have to get dressed. And in the same way food, exercise and mindset fuel us, what we wear transforms how we perform throughout the day. 

My work with men recognizes your unique needs while pushing your fashion boundaries to bring out the amazing, confident, sexy men that you are. From personal shopping to customizing your closet, SolReflection is the place for you (or if you’re a woman reading this, then maybe for your man) to find a personal style that elevates you to the next level*. 

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