During my first career as a Social Worker at the VA Medical Center, I was told a joke about how our system was so old a dinosaur ran it. The policies and practices were outdated, leaving employees saying dangerous things like, “I don’t know why…it’s just the way we’ve always done it.”  

As a creative and someone who knows that it takes evolution and innovation to solve seemingly impossible problems, I began my exit plan shortly after hearing that joke.  

People who don’t grow and change aren’t happy

I see it with my traditional therapy clients, but I also see it with people’s personal style. Growing and changing our personal style to reflect growth and change in our personal lives helps us to physically feel the changes of who we are or are becoming. 

What’s the harm in a habit? 

The harm is  stagnation. Right now, this world  needs us to wake up and be present to all that is going on within and around us. And stagnation looks like waking up a decade or two later and realizing your life and your style haven’t trended towards any change or growth for an even better, happier version of yourself. 

So you tell me, do you want to be a prehistoric version of yourself or do you want to grow, change and evolve for the sake of better alignment and overall happiness? I’d encourage you to try the latter ?.

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