It is said you should only buy something if you can commit to wearing it 30 times.

I’m dying to know your thoughts on this!!

My brain goes to: 

  • What about special events like reunions and weddings ? 
  • What about my 80/20 rule?? Some things aren’t intended to last forever!
  • Holidays
  • Milestone birthdays ? 
  • Halloween ??!?!!

As you know, I’m a BIG fan of wearing what makes you FEEL best in your body. That often means making a new purchase of a piece that feels perfect for you and your event.

That said, if you like the wear-it-30x-suggestion, here are some tips to avoid making a lot of purchases you’ll only wear once or twice: 

  • Rent the Runway and other clothing rental companies
  • Borrow from a friend. Barely worn by them; totally new to you!
  • Dig something out of your wardrobe you haven’t seen in a while and spice it up with different shoes, accessories and attitude. Chances are, you were a different person when you last wore it ?.
  • Thrift Stores – let’s assume it’s been worn at least a few times before you (gets you closer to 30!)
  • And similar to thrift stores, resale shops do a great job of offering lightly worn, like-new, pieces.

And as always, if you’re interested to know more about ways to be more conscientious around shopping, check out my Conscious Clothing Catalog.

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