Last week during a Style Consultation call with a new Fashion Therapy client, she said the words “We can’t ever call today a problem.”


Think about that. NEVER EVER can we call TODAY a problem. What a beautiful outlook on life.

This statement was in reference to being happy with and settled in her current body and accepting her evolving personal style. She came to this understanding during a big physical transformation that led her to her work with me.

We all know our bodies change annually, monthly, weekly and even throughout the day. You’ve heard me say it before – WE CANNOT WAIT TO ENJOY GETTING DRESSED.

If you’re someone who’s waiting for a specific change in your life to dress in a way that both looks good and feels good today, I encourage you to reconsider.

What would it look like to feel confident in everything you wear so you can feel capable and confident in everything you do? What physical and mindset changes need to happen in order to achieve this goal?

As always, let me know! I love to hear your thoughts & awakenings.