You know that feeling when you think your outfit’s gunna be great, but you arrive to your destination feeling TERRIBLE?!

Here’s some reasons why your outfit flopped:

  • You last minute realize you don’t have shoes to match
  • It’s too tight after lunch (more on this another time)
  • It sags & bags before you even arrive (I call this pooty booty)
  • You’re itchy
  • You go to hug someone or do your signature dance move and your arms won’t go over your head!
  • It’s 10am and you’re already one big wrinkle
  • Your pants are perma stuck in your crotch
  • You catch a glance in a window and you don’t look like you thought you did
  • It just doesn’t feel like you

The solution: TEST DRIVE YOUR ‘FIT. And this may seem obvious, but do it before you take the tags off (ahemmmm……ADAM).

Discomfort in public is not only a huge distraction from the amazing life you should be living, it’s also a #1 reason people default to the same few looks. It’s not worth the risk.

So wear it at home, move (dance) around, feel it out and see life in public changes!

I want you to take risks with your outfits. Because remember, there are no rules.