I enrolled two new clients into my 3-month 1:1 Fashion Therapy Program last week, one in Greenville, SC and one in NYC.

Both clients asked for something very specific:

“I neeeed quality clothes.”

One babe got a promotion (woohoo!) and is ready to step into her new position in style. The other recently pivoted in her business and is done looking like the old version of herself.

They also both asked for “signature looks.” A local politician inspires one client and the other used me as an example. The resonance with what the both of us are doing and what we’re wearing makes our impact that much more memorable.  

Here’s how I’m going to give these clients a wardrobe full of quality signature looks:

  • Make sure they’re clear about their identities. What are their goals & values.
  • Push them to vision not only who they are, but who they’re becoming.
  • Get right with their colors – the ones they love & the ones that look best.
  • Take them shopping at all the right places!
  • Be discerning
    • Is it worth the price tag (too much or too cheap)?
    • Does it fit with the rest of the wardrobe we’re building?
    • Does it feel good on?
    • Does it feel like them?
  • Have a good time. When we’re happy and settled in our environments, we’re happy and settled in our bodies.

Curious what your signature look would be?? Schedule a 75-minute Style Consultation, complete with lifetime access to your very own Virtual Closet and 6 signature Look Book looks, designed by me.