I told you I couldn’t help it ?.

But to clarify – self-love is an overused term that includes shit that’s goofy, unsustainable and full of privilege.

So what does it look like to really find love for yourself?

It’s a private, intimate process and you gotta go at it alone. You can always get love from others; but if that’s all, it doesn’t stick.

Getting quiet to hear your own voice leads to positive thoughts which lead to amazing outfits. I promise!

The question I want you to ask yourself is: What would I wear if no one was looking?

*Hot tip* We think everyone’s looking at us but very few people are.

Here’s the equation:

  • Private thoughts eventually lead to positive beliefs about yourself
  • Positive beliefs lead to confidence
  • Confidence leads to feeling comfortable in your body – JUST AS IT IS
  • Comfort leads to expansiveness
  • Expansiveness leads to knowing exactly what you want
  • Knowing what you want leads to DOING what you want
  • And that leads to amazing outfits full of pieces you’ve wished you could wear for a long time

So wear whateverrrrrr you want babes (and send me a picture if you’re willing – I love to celebrate with you!). 

Happy Love Day. You deserve it ?.