I give you permission to…


Last week I talked about giving my clients permission to wear what they want, when they want, no exceptions.

The rules you’re following are NOT yours. I promise. You THINK you’re making the rules because they support likes and dislikes you have about your body. Or they support the beliefs you have around what is available to you in stores and what is not. And most importantly, you THINK they support you being liked and accepted out in the world.

But what if YOU MADE THE RULES about what you wore? And what if based them on what you’d wear in the comfort of your own home with no one around to potentially judge you*. 

And then what if you chose to wear these clothes OUT of your house simply because you WANTED to wear them?

I’m going to encourage you to do this. My suggestion is to start small. Wear ONE thing you haven’t been willing to wear because you’ve worried what others would think. For example, wear your favorite jeans, shoes, hat and purse, but add a shirt that’s a little more colorful or revealing than normal. See if you can push through the discomfort of being in public in this shirt and focus on the fact that you like the shirt, want to wear it and are finally making your own rules about it.

And then let me know how it goes. Reply to this blog post below!

*We think people are looking at us, judging us and generally thinking about us wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more often than they really are. I PROMISE. Most people are thinking about themselves, not you.