I need to brag on my clients for a minute. Many of you all come to me with a little bit of self-doubt and a lot-a-bit of style! You may not be sure about your style, but let’s give a little credit for some of the cool stuff you own!

And however you come, love working with ALL of you.

A tagline I have is to help you define and refine your personal style so that it reflects a more authentic version of you.

Sometimes we’re doing both and sometimes we’re just refining. That’s what my client Ariel and I are doing. In addition to refining her already amazing style, I also work with her on permission to rock out as her most bold & beautiful self, no exceptions.

Look at her on her birthday (LOVE those Aries!!). She’s STUNNING.

Also, I want to highlight that I just bought the most gorgeous pair of her handmade earrings. You HAVE to check out her shop – you’re going to want everything :)!