Y’all, I freaking LOVE waking up to emails from you about my newsletters & other free content. This was one of my recent faves (with my reactions inserted in parenthesis):

Hi there!!

I love your newsletter and online content!! (I’m so glad!!) I was listening to this We Can Do Hard Things (Glennon Doyle she’s the best) episode when your newsletter came through and there were several things that just clicked into place (I love when things “click!”). The episode is about ageism and the assumptions we all make/are told to make about aging. So much of it resonates. (It’s our work to help dismantle unhealthy structures, beliefs & ism’s). I was listening to a quick sidebar they took about that narrative many of us have “I love that shirt but should I wear it at my age?” (I get this question ALLLLLLLL the time and ask my clients where they learned these beliefs and if they want to continue to believe them!) In case you’re interested! (Always – thanks babe!)

LOVE what you do and the light you share with the world!! (Thanks! Big love <3)

– Steph Kissel

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