My favorite sticker comes from a Chicago-based company whose mission is to “be a positive force and transmit a simple idea: Everyone deserves to feel good with who they are.” I give these stickers as gifts and have stuck it on my laptop right over the computer’s brand logo because it’s a powerful message in three simple words.

And I believe it. ABOUT YOU.

It’s easy for me to see the beauty in ALL my clients. But people often come to me with feelings of low self-esteem or worth. My clients talk about comparing themselves to friends, family, public icons and more.

We’re all sent the message that there’s more we could and should do before we’re deemed good enough to belong or to be loved just as we are. It’s harsh and not only are we sent these unkind messages, sometimes we send them to ourselves.

I want you to know that it is critical that we dismantle these thoughts & ideas from our society and from our souls. We do it for ourselves, our friends and our kids. Our brains know the message that our body is bad isn’t real and yet we freely think that and even double down when challenged by others to feel differently about ourselves.

I want you to imagine your best friend in the whole world. Would you tell them they aren’t pretty enough – that their arms, bellies, chins or thighs are too big? Would you tell them that they don’t measure up to their cousins, sisters or y’all’s other best friends?

HELL NO. You wouldn’t.

I call my 3-month 1:1 Fashion Therapy package the “Best Girlfriend Program” because for those three months, I treat you like my bestie. I ensure you know your beauty, your worth and remind you every day to treat yourself the way you’d treat your own best friend – with love, kindness and the ability to see the beauty in them the way I see it in you.

Try it for one day. Be kind to yourself and when messages that you are not enough come up in your head, resist them. Say, “don’t talk to my friend [insert your name] like that!”