I had an AMAZING conversation with a prospective client last week. She articulated EXACTLY what she wanted to get out of our time together. As she was talking, I thought this is what I want for ALL my clients, always. And I made a little video out of it.

This is what my prospective client asked for:  

  • Liberation and Expansion – She wants to live beyond the confines of old, outdated beliefs about her body and its relationship to her self-worth. This is the big stuff!
  • Cute Girlfriend Vibes – She’s got herself a new sweetie and wants to walk proudly into her life with him. She made it clear it’s not about dressing for him, but this relationship has inspired her to want to dress better for herself.
  • Creativity – She’s creative as hell but hasn’t been able to turn that creativity toward dressing herself in the fun way she wants to. It’s just been hard for her to know where to start.
  • Intentionality – Because she’s had a hard time knowing where to start, she chooses the first thing she sees in her closet. She’d rather dress with intention vs. dressing by default.

Now doesn’t that sound sweet??!! I can’t wait to start working with her this summer!

As I mentioned in my newsletter a few weeks back, I’m booked out into the summer. If you think you may want to work together soon, let’s set up a time to talk about it and get you on my schedule :).