“If we’re able to see ourselves in a way that creates a positive emotion, perhaps we will engage less in negative thinking about ourselves and feel less need to compare ourselves to others.”


It’s no surprise that a lot of people are having a hard time knowing what to wear in 2022. Trends have come and gone with nowhere to wear them (lots of athleisure with a strong emphasis on sweatpants 🙂 ) and many of us are getting to know ourselves and our bodies again after this crazy couple of years. 

The definition of Dopamine Dressing is to dress to improve your mood.

The look, feel, color, style, fabric of clothes trigger particular feelings and sensations. Knowing this, we have the chance to either increase or decrease our happiness based on what we wear (yes, I still have to prove to some people that what we wear matters!).

Dopamine Dressing will be different for everyone. Depending on what stimulates a dopamine release (associated with the reward center of your brain) in YOUR brain will dictate what you need to wear to feel better.

I also read that getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes can also trigger dopamine release! Who would have thought that getting uncomfortable can make you happier!??

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