I took TWO trips this spring! One to Miami with a bestie and one to a BIG family wedding which turned out to be the Met Gala of weddings.

Between considering it our public service, being pregnant and having a baby under one, we’d been super conservative with our exposure during the pandemic. But now, being hyper vigilant and not seeing our friends enough was starting to create mental health consequences. 

So, back to my trips :). Of course everyone looked amazing in Miami Beach. People wear what they want down there and I appreciate it big time.

With the wedding: Imagine this – traditional black tie optional in a huge ballroom where EVERYONE was dressed to the nines and very formal. However, barely anyone actually followed the “rules” of a black tie wedding.

There were vintage gowns, full rainbow sequin dresses, see-through tops (on men & women), older women in high slits & fishnets, fringe galore and even a pair of pale pink combat boots that were made to look SO FANCY.

It has been so wonderful to be around people again, especially in rooms full of friends and family. And as far as that wedding goes, I drank in all of the unique styles and personal interpretations of the black tie wedding optional theme.


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