Almost everywhere I go people expect me to look fun and stylish because of things they’ve seen me wear before and because of my job.

But that kind of pressure could be just that…stress and pressure. Pressure to look good all the time and pressure to keep one-upping myself with what I wear.

So how do we do it? Once we’ve shown up to a couple of places and events looking awesome, how are we supposed to keep it up?

I actually think this kind of pressure to “look good” keeps us in a place of fear and from enjoying getting dressed.

What if people don’t think I look good? What if they think I look silly or like I’m trying too hard? What if everyone else looks better than me? I don’t like the way I look, so why even try?

You want to how I do it?

I look like myself. I keep clothes in my closet that fit my personality and I don’t try to keep up with the times or trend pressures. I only buy things I love and because of that, I always look like myself, and that looks good.

When we dress authentically, we align our style with our soul. An aligned babe is a good looking babe.

How can you face your fear today and wear exactly what you want to wear?

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