Last week my family had COVID. We got lucky cause the baby was asymptomatic and Adam & I had mild symptoms. YAY easy antibodies!

Being in charge of an asymptomatic but COVID-positive baby while also trying to work meant Adam and I had very little time to think about what to wear.

There are two ways this could have gone.

One was to wear the same easy but potentially frumpy outfits day after day. The other was to treat it like a beach vacation, wearing comfy clothes that felt good but also had a little bit of flare.

I went with the latter wearing bright billowy sun dresses, flowy cotton snow leopard print pants. I wore hair clips vs. bobby pins (since no one was seeing the back of my hair anyway), colorful earrings on zoom and any shirt I had that didn’t need a bra.

I felt cute but comfortable and most importantly, prepared to take care of my family. A total win-win. Last week was my birthday and could have been a total bummer, but it wasn’t, and I attribute that in large part to feeling good in my body.

So if you get COVID or end up with a hectic week for another reason, remember to keep it simple but still enjoy getting dressed :).