Mirror Mirror on the Wall. 

A friend told me a short story told to her by a Cherokee Elder Woman that goes like this: 

“Of the 7 evil gifts from the white man, one was the mirror. Because then we sit in isolation evaluating ourselves instead of seeing our beauty reflected by our sisters.”

During a time in this country where now all women are being treated the way Black and Indigenous people of color have been treated for centuries, and following what was supposed to be a celebration of freedom (the 4th), it feels appropriate to both quote and Indigenous woman. It’s also important to remember that this country is founded by the patriarchy and clearly continues to be overtly run by the patriarchy. 


My parents bought me a very large mirror for my birthday. Before this gift, I had to stand on my toilet to get a full-body view of myself. It was never by accident and always by choice that I looked at myself this way (i.e. I couldn’t walk by a mirror and see my physical self fully). Although I appreciate access to a full length mirror, mostly to see how my shoes go with my outfit, I need to remember to continue to use my spouse and my friends, who always think I’m beautiful, to reflect what they see.

I will not live in isolation with my own view and perspective. I will also employ the “good enough” rule where I glance but do not stare at myself and decide, every day, that what I see is good enough to greet the world! 

Feel your feels and stay strong, babes.