I style clients around the world for business branding photoshoots. I help them align their style to the soul of their business. My clients have heart-led businesses and we make sure this comes through clearly in what they wear.

Through these styling sessions, my clients:

  • Physically connect more deeply to their business’ mission, vision and values 
  • Attract their ideal clients
  • Look and feel confident on their websites, blogs and social media
  • Show the most authentic version of themselves reminding the world that being yourself is the true key to succes

Then there’s the question of, “what do you wear the day after your photo shoot?” How do you stop dressing like you used to and remember all the ways you’ve changed?

Photoshoots are opportunities to show the world a more glorious version of yourself through your business. The best thing you can do is use this opportunity to remain aligned with this new expression of yourself.

Some of my clients keep wearing their brand colors cause it makes them feel more aligned with their business. Most of my clients are way more confident to show up in a public way.

And many clients choose to continue working together. Their photoshoot styling was a powerful transformation and they want to dive deeper into my 1:1 Fashion Therapy programs. They ensure they are forever changed from the inside out!

“I had a lot of body issues and being a larger woman I had put myself in a box wearing black clothes and fading into the background. Marisol was wise and gentle and she pushed me out of my comfort zone. She dared me to be seen and to own who I am confidently. She has this gift for truly “seeing” people and is so intuitive with her styling.”

Christi Diamond, The Empowered Coach, www.thehealingcoach.com

So, do you know what you’re wearing tomorrow? As always, you can claim your FREE 20-minute Style Consultation Call.