Do you have the feeling your closet is missing something but you don’t know what?

I hear this all the time. It’s confusing. Seeing your closet day in and out fogs your lens of what to ditch, what to keep, and where the gaps are.


My client Katie talks about how this changed with our work:

“I’ve always wondered how other people can say stuff like ‘Oh, I need a medium-weight cardigan in this color’ – how do you know what you need? Having an actual foundational wardrobe now, it’s easy to see where the gaps are or what might be fun to buy next.”


Katie started with a small closet of clothes that didn’t fit, she didn’t like, and that didn’t go together. Through our work we created a full wardrobe containing only pieces she loved and looked good on her.

Now, Katie feels confident that whatever she wears is gunna be great and because everything goes together now, she can clearly see what’s missing. So, if every time she puts on a dress, she wishes she had something to put over it, she now knows she’s in need of a medium-weight cardigan and knows the perfect color to match her wardrobe ?.

It’s freeing, it’s easy and now Katie can enjoy getting dressed!

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