A couple of days after a big shopping trip with me, a client Marco Polo’d (a tool I use to stay regularly connected with my 1:1 clients) to tell me she chose a “bottom of the barrel” dress to wear that morning.

She showed me an old dress that fit just okay and felt like it could have been “meh.” However, she talked about her outfit with pride, because she made it look amazing which made her feel amazing. 

After we went through her closet and shopped together, she had a whole new sense of how to create outfits with both new and old pieces of clothing. 

Instead of just putting on the dress and feeling frumpy, or “meh,” she took it and added shoes, bold accessories, and a confident smile that made her whole look shine. 

So often, we have exactly what we need around us but don’t always have the vision for how to put it together. In that case, sometimes all I do with a new client is a Closet Transformation (I do this virtually and in person). From there they feel excited about what they’ve had all along and that what they already own is working like a whole new wardrobe!

I love it when that happens.