The first thing clients tell me is that they want to look and feel like themselves. They’re worried styling means telling them what to wear, leaving them feeling like someone they’re not.

WELL, Y’ALL ARE IN LUCK because my job is to align your style to your soul. Personality first; style second.

When you get dressed, do you feel like you’re putting on a costume or like your insides are getting to be expressed on the outside?

I know you want to look good, but you also have to feel like yourself; otherwise, your confidence will be shot.

Here are my best tips for how to dress like YOU:

  • Check in with how you’re feeling.
    • Do you want to express that feeling or do you want your clothes to bring out another feeling (i.e. you’re sad and want to embrace the moodiness or wear something that lifts your mood)?
  • Ask yourself what you would wear if no one was looking.
    • I’m not talking about frumpy sweats that make you feel bleh. I’m talking about the outfit you’d wear if there was no one around to judge you.
  • Put it on.
    • Choose the clothes you really want to wear. Look in the mirror. Repeat the words “I look great” (and that’s it) and walk out the door.

When you check in with how you’re doing, then courageously wear exactly what you want, you’ll feel like yourself. As a bonus, you’ll look good too. 

When we dress in alignment with our soul, we always look good.