I like to play a game where I ask my clients & social media followers the below question and then I find them an answer to the question!

If you could imagine, buy or create your perfect piece of clothing, what would it be!?”

People reply with some amazing requests. Sometimes it’s an easy find and sometimes it’s so specific it takes some deep diving on my part. 

But every time, I nail it (insert my horn & tooting it here ?).

And my favorite part is getting to see the smiles on your faces when you send me happy photos of you in your new & perfect item of clothing! Your joy in what you wear brings me great joy in return. 

So the invitation is for you to play too. YES, YOU! I want you to have the wardrobe you’ve been dreaming of too!

Here’s how you do it: Leave a comment below describing your perfect piece of clothing. Give me details: Your preferred color, shape, fit, style and the approximate size you’d be looking for. I’ll give it a couple of go’s and let’s see how close I get!

Also, join my style group for more fun challenges like this one <3