We all get burnt out. We get tired and overwhelmed and overworked and that makes accessing our creativity DIFFICULT. And a lot of what it takes to get dressed is getting creative with the clothes in our closets. 

So then what do we do?? Wait for it….it’s a good one. 

Some of you as you’re reading this, may be flying high and having the time of your life, giving you all the creativity you need to come up with outfits that make you shine.

(Side note: If this is you, pretty please pop into my FB style group and show us a photo of you rocking out in one of your awesome outfits!)

But, if you’re feeling run down or in a slump, I want you to do these three things: 

  1. Let it go. Don’t force the perfect outfit. You are not now and will never be loved solely for what you wear. You will always be loved for who you are.
  2. Put on something you know you love. Even if you wore it yesterday. If it feels good, it’s going to look good, because you’re going to feel good and that looks good on you (caught all that?!).
  3. DO A DANCE. Nothing better to shake off feeling frumpy and slumpy than a good ole’ fashioned kitchen dance party. Then remember, there’s always tomorrow <3.

Most importantly, and as always, ENJOY GETTING DRESSED babes!