What if instead of being:

BOSSY: Maybe you were meant to lead.

WEIRD: Maybe you’re an artist.

UGLY: Maybe your brand of beauty is intimidating to others.

FAT: (I hate that this is even considered an insult – STOP WITH THAT) Maybe you’re actually human-sized, like the way God intended you to be. Like even possibly the way God intended so many of us to be if it weren’t for freaking diet culture. 

TOO SEXY: Maybe you have a healthy relationship with your natural sexuality.

TOO MUCH: Maybe you’re intended to change the world. You know you need a lot to do a lot. 


We’re taught that there are things in this world you should be and things you definitely SHOULDN’T be. And if you’re the latter, you’re in big trouble – at least socially-speaking.

So we learn to stuff away parts of our personality in the hopes of being well-liked.

That is, until I realize you simply can’t take the you out of YOU. And then the work is to learn to love yourself, just as you are, no exceptions.

Before you move on, take a second and think of a negative name you’ve been called and flip it, looking at it as a positive attribute – one you can be proud of. Take a moment and bask in it, celebrating that beautiful part of you <3.