Y’alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Our society is OBSESSED with unattainable beauty standards.

And because of filters, edits and angles, we’ve convinced ourselves there’re a million people walking around casually meeting these standards, while the rest of us struggle to put together an outfit we even moderately like. I get it, we’re feeling defeated and left out.  

But you know what the secret is – the one the makers of these beauty standards don’t want you to know? THAT EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL. And when you know that about yourself it puts the power back in your hands. You no longer feel the need to chase these standards. You stop buying all the things, wasting precious energy to change yourself and you stop sitting back while others move forward with their dreams because you don’t think you’re good enough to show up just as you are!

Babe, ditch these trash values and impossible standards. AND, I know this is a process that takes time. So give it time and let me help you. Trust me when I say that one type of person, body or look is NOT superior to another. Beauty is everywhere. It’s in poetry, it’s in nature and it’s one million percent IN YOU.

Because I’m a kid of the 90’s and my husband loves this song, use this one to pump you up and TAKE THE POWER BACK! (click the photo below to play the song)