Going through your closet and taking an inventory of what you have, what you love, what you have too much of and what you need more of will literally change the way you get dressed every morning AND how you shop from here on out.

Don’t believe me? GIVE IT A TRY!

Or, maybe you’ve already used my Self-Guided Closet Inventory but are still stuck? Let’s talk.

OR, you know that you need my support and aren’t sure exactly what you need from me? We can talk about that too :).

Inventories are critical in all areas of our lives. They expose us to our roles, responsibilities, patterns and habits and help us see where we’re in need of help or where we need to consider change in our lives.

I take an inventory of my work and personal life about once every 6 months to look at how everything fits together (or doesn’t).

I want to share my most recent inventory with you because I believe it’s important to be transparent about who we are and what we’re up to in the world.  

Here’s a list of my current roles & responsibilities:

How are your inventories going? Are you happy with your work, personal and social lives? And most importantly ;), are your CLOTHES in alignment with who you are??

If not, what changes are you ready to make? Leave a comment and let me know!