Of course you can shop whenever you want, but to get the biggest bang for your buck, you should be shopping “out of season.”

​​It’s exciting to see new styles, colors and patterns in store windows. And if you need to follow that flow, get a few fall pieces to help usher in the change of season.

Let this be your 20%.

But if you’re trying to work with a budget, here’s how you do it: Shop the sale racks for last season’s pieces and go classic to fill your wardrobe with some of the nicest things you can find at lower prices.

This is your 80%.

The bonus to this method is that there’s bound to be a few days where the weather holds long enough for you to wear your new sale rack pieces. And before you wear them out, they go into storage, only to show up as a fresh surprise time next year – “Oh yeah! I totally forgot about this awesome piece! I can’t wait to really get to wear it!”  

Keep in mind, our bodies, hearts, minds and personal styles change from year to year. Big life events and subtle (or not-so-subtle) shifts to our souls (consider the last two years!!) will change how we show up in the world with what we wear. So when shopping out of season, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Go for classic pieces, and by that, I mean pieces that fit the CORE of your personality and that truly, deeply reflect the unchanging, beautiful and authentic parts of you.

And as always, reach out and tell me how it goes. I love celebrating with you.