I realllllllly want you to stop doing this.


I want you to stop editing your outfits, which in turn, is editing YOU.  


Editing your outfit looks like putting on something you love only to have the following thoughts:

  • But is it appropriate?
  • Does this flatter me?
  • Can you see my cellulite?
  • I should probably cover my arms.
  • What if someone thinks I’m weird?
  • Is it too much? (gahhhhhhhhhh I hate this one)
  • I need to show less skin.
  • Will they take me seriously?
  • I feel fat (I’m going to have a lot more to say about this in next week’s newsletter).

But the list goes on.


And on.


And onnnnn.


And by the time you’ve responded to all these thoughts, you’ve walked yourself RIGHT BACK into your tiny little style box.


Maybe you’re comfortable there. I just want to make sure that you are choosing that box and that whatever you’re wearing brings you all the joy in the world and none of the questions, shame or insecurity we’ve been taught to have.


I’m here for you babes. XO, M