My business is designed to help you discover the wardrobe of your dreams.

This is not a “what to wear,” or “what not to wear,” kind of experience. In fact, I think it’s damn near RUDE to tell someone what they ought to be wearing based on their:

  • Size
  • Looks
  • Gender
  • Career
  • Relationships

In working with me, we figure out exactly what you want to wear based on how you want to:

  • Feel
  • Be
  • Express yourself
  • Adorn your body
  • Attract people, places and things to your life
  • Have an impact
  • and show up in this amazing world

And then the question comes:

How do I budget for the wardrobe of my dreams?

First, I want you to check out my blog, “The 80/20 Rule” where I tell you exactly how to add clothes to your closet based on quality, fit, color and pricing so that your wardrobe reflects YOU.

After you read The 80/20 Rule blog, you plan to either save up to super splurge on the 80% of your wardrobe all at once, or know that it will take at least a few seasons or years to stock up. If you take the slower route, shop out of season and be ready to “pounce,” meaning to spend a little when you find a good deal or the perfect piece and buy classic pieces at the end of each season that you know encompasses enough of your personal style that you will still love it and want to wear that time next year, the year after….and the year after that – until you wear it through!

Happy Shopping and Enjoy Getting Dressed! xoxo