Well, it’s only partially true that I no longer have a style.

I’m writing to you from my sick bed (I’m like a level 10 Housewives of NJ drama right now). But really, this has been a shit week. We have the flu. My dear Mother-in-Law passed away last week after a 25 year health battle. We got super crappy news about our next round of IVF – you can hear more on our podcast. And Adam got some other bum news yesterday that had us feeling a little lost in the dark.

So what does that mean for my personal style? I have to wear clothes today, so what on earth do I wear?

First, I know I need to be comfortable. That said, I did take a shower, wash my hair and put on some makeup. Without that I’d really be in the dumps. I’m wearing my favorite sweatpants that are actually pretty cute and my favorite Mira Blackman tank (love that woman & her solo-owned biz). I put my sick baby in his Mira Blackman onesie and got Adam to match us (as seen in photo above).

We’re keeping it simple, doing our best, and remembering to love ourselves and each other along the way.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, but it needs to be intentional. Pay attention to what you wear and how it makes you feel. You have the power to add or detract from your day today.

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