“I Wish I Could Have You Forever.”

A client said this to me last week as we are approaching the halfway mark of her 3-month 1:1 Fashion Therapy program. Whoa, I thought. What a compliment.

The good news is, she CAN have me forever! Well, as long as we both value having a personal style as a fundamental way of expressing our most authentic selves, and feeling comfortable and confident in everything we wear so that we can feel comfortable and confident in everything we do 😉.

Once I’ve worked with you one on one, you can hire me annually to provide ongoing therapeutic image and fashion consulting support. This makes me your permanent best girlfriend and your go-to person for physical and emotional support that comes up when dressing yourself.

In other words, I CAN ENSURE YOU ALWAYS ENJOY GETTING DRESSED forever and ever, Amen 😁.

It’s a joy & honor to be this person for you.

If you’re interested in starting the New Year in style, sign up on my waitlist to be one of the first to know when I have availability next year.