In order to help my clients define and refine their personal styles, I ask them for 3 words to describe themselves. Below are answers I’ve received over the years:

  • Bold, Sensible, Leader
  • Creative, Authentic, Funky
  • Saucy, Empathetic, Powerful
  • Ambitious, Snarky, Nerdy
  • Loyal, Scattered, Loving
  • Anxious, Unsure, Overwhelmed
  • Original, Cheerful Wisdom, Sincere

Why do these 3 words matter to me? Because as a client recently said, “You’re not just here to create another Marisol.” She’s right. I’m here to help you express the most authentic, aligned version of YOU through what you wear.

I have the blueprint for our work, but I never know the final product until we arrive there together. It’s magical and a pleasant surprise every time.

What do you think it would look like to let go of social norms & stereotypes and find a style that’s so perfectly yours? Reply & let me know.

Want to know more about the blueprint to finding your personal style? Let’s talk about working together.