I am excited to share that I am working with NINE amazing women from all over the world on upcoming branding photoshoots through Jordan Duvall’s Magnetic Brand Program ?.

This program happens a few times a year and we’re getting ready to begin working with our THIRD cohort of 2022.

I’m also honored to say I just took on 3 new 1:1 clients from around the U.S. and one beautiful babe who lives in Queensland, Australia ??! In addition I’m wrapping up with a handful of clients I’ve come to ? & adore, one who’s about to do her first TedTalk in upstate NY (say a prayer for her that she knocks it out of the park!).

All this to say, I am going VERY busy this fall. So, other than single Style Consultation Calls, I’m not going to be able to take on many, if any, new Fashion Therapy clients until the New Year. 

If you’ve been interested in working with me 1:1 and/or want to join Jordan and I in the next round of Magnetic Brand, pop your name in this waiting list. There’s no commitment, you’ll just be the first to know when I open my calendar to new clients.

This fall’s going to be busy but it’s going to be fun. Wish me luck! ?