I was recently featured in ADORAtherapy’s “People We Adore” blog. I LOVE this company and the woman who started it. I recommend you check them out and get some fall goodies.

I’m telling you this not only so you’ll read the article to get to know me better or so that you’ll support ADORAtherapy’s founder & owner, Laura & her partner Jim. 

I’m telling you this so we can talk about the importance of getting your own support.

Laura was born in Paris and raised in France & NYC. I met her at a networking event and she inspired the hell out of me. Were both starting new businesses and despite our differences in age & experience, we needed each other’s support.

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of groups who offer me endless support (and I, them). I know if I’m left alone in my head too long it feels like I’m walking through a bad neighborhood. Know about that??

This happens to all of us. It gets murky in our heads after a while and we lose perspective. I especially hear this when talking to babes about their sense of self, what they wear and their bodies.

If you’re struggling with something, don’t wait until it gets bad. Reach out. And if you don’t have someone to call, send me a note. I’ll write you back.