A friend of mine shared a quote from content creator, Dominique Gabriel, who said “Clothes do not have a gender. They are not male or female. They’re just fabric.”

PHEW, FINALLY people are talking about this. I’m ready to throw out the boxes telling us what to wear and not wear and when we’re “allowed” to wear it. Remember folx, THERE ARE NO RULES!!

Women have been claiming “men’s” clothing for some time. And of course now this is the norm. BUT STILL they’re people who….well….sheesh (this one kills me).

Now, we’re starting to see space in the fashion industry for male-identifying people to wear what has been traditionally marketed and labeled as “women’s clothes.”

In even more mainstream culture like ABC’s The Bachelor, I’ve seen men wearing a lot more jewelry, including pearl necklaces – SWOON! And if you listen to our upcoming podcast, you’ll hear that although we attribute OUR ENTIRE MARRIAGE to this show, after last season, we’re out.

I’m excited to see more inclusive options. Because as we know, if we tune in to our authentic sense of self through what we wear, we’re going to feel more aligned out in the world

What things do you wanna wear that still feel “wrong” or scary?? Leave a comment and let me know.