I don’t want to say the word, yet I hear it ALL THE TIME. 

I understand what you could mean by it, but words matter. 

So the word that chaps my puss (feel free to borrow this phrase from my bestie ?) is FLATTERING.

I deleted “flattering” from my vocab entirely after a great convo with another bestie. To “flatter” implies your body needs something specific to look good and even more, that your body could look bad to begin with. 

And we KNOW we don’t believe in that. 

Fit is about proportion and natural beauty.

In the dressing room with clients, I’m looking for clothes that look and feel like they were made for you. The feeling part is if it makes you light up with joy. The looking part is when you’re wearing the clothes – not the clothes wearing YOU. 

Outfits should look like an extension of your body so there’s a cohesiveness and the emphasis on your face – the part of you that does the most communicating & connecting with others ?. 

Yes, I want to see your face. I want to see YOU

Hiding your body in baggy black or trying to “flatter your figure” to make you look…well, you know…the way you’ve always been told to look…is so 2023. 

It’s actually v. 1950’s, but yeah, we’re definitely not bringing it into 2024 with us. 

Can you commit to this too?

If you need suggestions for other words to describe clothes that look and feel good on all our forms and sizes, don’t be shy, ask!  And email me back with your replacement words. I’ll add ’em to my list.